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Armand Judah Attorney with Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Goodman
Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Goodman, P.S.C.
500 W. Jefferson Street,Suite 2100
Louisville, KY 40202
Louisville Attorney
Armand Judah is engaged in the general practice of law and has broad experience in all facets of family law, criminal law, business law, civil and general litigation. He has conducted jury trials in both state and federal courts.

Family Law Experience
Armand is ready to be the legal expert on your side in family court. He practices in family court on a daily basis, and is experienced in all aspects of family litigation, including:

Child support
Domestic Violence
Armand is also a trained mediator and is frequently appointed by the court to mediate in many family court cases. He is prepared to put his extensive mediation experience to work for you by negotiating and settling your case.

Armand’s responsibilities as a court-appointed attorney for children in dependency/neglect/abuse cases give him an extra advantage in handling your family court cases. He has a deep understanding of the family court dynamic and how family issues can affect children. This also makes him sensitive to your family’s needs during difficult and stressful times.

Armand I. Judah Louisville Attorney
Your family relies on a number of experts in daily life, from physicians to educators and more. When it comes to your legal needs, you need an expert on your side as well. Armand Judah is a lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky. As a member of Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Goodman, P.S.C., Armand delivers full-service legal expertise, providing every client with personalized attention and individualized solutions.

As a veteran Louisville lawyer with four decades of experience in divorce, family law, custody, criminal law, business law, probate, and personal injury, Armand is a respected member of the local legal community who is here to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system and get the results you need. Contact him at 502-589-4215 for a free consultation.

Louisville Attorney
cloud502 logo
Through Cloud502 we offer cloud computing technologies that offer scaleable infrastructure to individuals, startups, campaigns and corporations. Using primarily Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform all of the tools, sites and visualizations are made possible for a budget value that is unrivaled in the Louisville, KY area. Cloud502 has also successfully lead Google Adwords campaigns and built sites with Search Engine Optimaization in mind. Through the use of targeted Adwords campaigns and SEO Cloud502 has delivered results and allowed organizations to convey their message to the specific intended audience.
Cloud Hosting, Web Design, SEO
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Global Point
899 Skokie Blvd. Suite 520
Northbrook, IL 60062
Global Point was launched by corporate IT consultants who wanted to bring their skills and experience to companies that need them, helping businesses grow and avoid growing IT headaches.We bring a comprehensive understanding of technology, from the small offices up to the multinational corporate infrastructure. We emphasize working with customers to identify their immediate needs, as well as to anticipate growth. As a business ourselves, we have an understanding of how critical it is to dependably meet the needs of the growing businesses we support. Global Point Works with you and for you as a business partner.
IT Managed Services
Real Estate Comps Today
What's Your House REALLY Worth? Read our Blog Articles for expert tips and advice on how to properly analyze your comps for the most accurate home value.

From their site...
Whats Your House Really Worth?

I’m a bad negotiator. Sometime at art fairs I want a painting that speaks to me. I worry that I could insult someone if I suggest something too low. Half the time I see the prices and can’t image it's worth that price.

I ended up deciding it was best if I walked away from negations as the likely loser and that Karma would repay me later. Karma has largely, but I’ve realized through these small transactions something that I won’t forget when making a big transaction.

Buying a home may be the largest transaction you will ever make. Knowing a home’s value is an obvious and essential part of bidding on it. Being off by 10% on a $500 painting is recoverable, but being off by 10% on a home’s value is expensive.

Zillow Guesses It

The home I rent now in Louisville, is listed as worth $220,000 by Zillow, but is it? I don’t know. But if I were to buy it, after having rented it, I'd know the basement can easily flood in the rain and that needs to be fixed.

Zillow doesn’t know a home’s value just from deeds and computer models. They also don’t know that I have a half bathroom on the first floor, but we never use it because whoever did it used the wrong pipes so it’s actually a closet now. Zillow thinks that room adds value to this home. On paper I assume a half bath adds to a home’s value but what's actually true isn't always revealed on paper.

What Goes into Comparison Reports

Property values are a somewhat complex thing. They were complex enough that no one seemed to realize in 2008 that the housing bubble was about to pop. Property values, according to the, are composed of:

Supply and Demand

Interest Rates

Economic Growth

Demographics (Migration of population)


Room to Move

A Second Bathroom


Home Improvements

Costs of Over Paying for a Home

At 3.92% interest using a 30-yr mortgage, I found in my research that over paying on this home by just $10,000 or 4.5% will cost $47 a month or $17,021 after all is said and done. That’s me just giving the seller $10,000 and then helping the bank out with $7000 for absolutely no reason other than the fact that I was unprepared.

I’ve thought about buying the house but that math alone has convinced me to get comparison reports before I even approach a seller with interest. Knowing that over paying by as little as 10% could cost me $40,000, I’d prefer to get 2 or 3 comps reports from several agents. The low cost associated with 3 reports is a no-brainer.

Arrive to Open Houses Ready

I read in a recent article on that it’s good to show enthusiasm to the seller as long as you don’t get attached too quickly. “You’ve done your homework. You know what the home values are in the area.” I also read to keep in mind that, during the open house, the realtor is not your realtor, so there is no need to provide information on your budget.

The best means for me to get over my negations phobia and be an active party in the largest purchase I’ll likely ever make comes down to educating myself on comparisons of similar home sales in the area. Knowing a home's true value is the foundation of a successful transaction.

Most Accurate Home Values Website
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